The purpose of my art is to purport and present the importance of relationships to us, humans. My inspiration is "immortal relationship" - we are deeply connected to other human beings, nature and animals. Through these connections the society survives. From the childhood I tend to observe the people and the environment surrounding us. And whenever the unusual behavior of people affects me, I think more seriously. Why so many people are sad and frustrated? Why they destroy and corrupt everything that is important to them? These questions disturb me but also inspire my creativity. The interconnecting relationships are the basis of human life; they shape our society. But we, humans, are losing them in the name of selfish development. Preserving and understanding these relationships is essential to us, and my art is just an effort in this direction.

I mainly use pure and poetic colors which infuse simplicity and accuracy in my paintings. With vibrant tones of colors I express the sentiments, feelings and behavior of the characters more efficiently. Drawing with permanent marker conveys my expressions in an appropriate way as lines make me more close to the characters of my paintings.

I am in the process to visualize the strong and true to the end relations of Animals and Human Beings. At present, I am working on the theme of interdependency among human and animals. From ancient time, we are depended on animals for our survival and so are the animals on us. We are at a stage now that without each other none can survive, and still we, the humans, are eliminating them. This will only lead to the total destruction of the world as we know it. In my works, I am trying to present animals in a new avatar which is not fully animal-like but beautiful and true. They are more than what we imagine them for. They have a distinct personality of their own. They are complete in their own self and they are our friends.

I represent the harmony between humans and animals in simple and beautiful compositions. I believe that we need to bring such harmony and connection in real life too otherwise we would end up losing the most beautiful creations of nature forever.

My art is a poetic message of the importance of universal love. My art is the need of our time.

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